Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Clean Styrofoam

Big box of clean styrofoam. Used to cushion furniture. I don't want to send it to the landfill. Great for packing material or an art project.

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Free pics with (Creeptastic) Santa

Free pics with Santa courtesy of Katrina @ Cheveux Hair Design. Pics will be taken via digital camera and uploaded to Katrina's facebook you will have permission to download and print however you like your photo of your child. Come join us and see Santa.

Come on down and get your free picture with Santa!!!!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

VW low back seat parts

What you see is what there is. Free, or they go in the dumpster next week.

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Attention Artist's Very Large Tree Stump for Your Creativity

I was about to takethe chain saw to this to make it manageble but just got back from Sedona - they make some pretty nice tables, sculptures, etc out of similar items and sell them for a lot!

If you can bring enough people and a trailer or so, you can have it. Lots of intertwined burls on the bottom. IT IS HEAVY

I think it is Austalian Willow known as:
Scientific Name: Geijera parviflora
Trade Name: Wilga
Family Name: Rutaceae
Density: 895 kg/m³

Red oak is wood has a density of about 750 g/cm³

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Monday, October 4, 2010

FREE broken concrete

We have 3 pallets of broken concrete free for the taking. It is irregular shape, not flat sidewalk pieces, but the pieces are a good size (not a bunch of small rubble).

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New seat never used.

Toilet Seat.

New seat never used.

Respond with a telephone number that you answer, I don’t leave messages.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Arabian Horse Magazines

FREE Arabian horse mags. Lots of them. Includes spiffy and unopened copies of Arabian Times, Arabian Horse World, Modern Arabian Horse and Arabian Horse Magazine. Call Shawna (480) 294-1833.

Teaching my teenage horse a lesson. One look at this filth and she thinks she wants to be a show horse or worse, strutting her stuff on some equestrian centerfold. What a waste of a good set hooves and a firm flank. The sooner the better.
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